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With merchandising you can create additional income for your club. To get started you will need to build the factory to produce items and the fan shop to sell items.

    The Factory

Once you reach level 10 you can build the 1st level factory, and with that start your very own memorabilia production.The level 1 factory unlocks one production line and the first three different items for production.Each higher level of factory allows you to produce new items.

In total there are three production lines that are unlocked with higher level factory buildings.

Once your factory is constructed you can start producing memorabilia. To start the production of your memorabilia simply select an available item from the list, choose for how long you want to produce it and click on the green "PRODUCE" button. The applicable production costs are immediately deducted from your balance. The longer the production time, the more items will be produced (selectable from 0.5h to 48h).

You can cancel a production at any time by clicking the red button at the right side when the production line is selected.

Be careful: When a completed production is cancelled, you receive no items! The complete amount of money is refunded.

You can also shorten the production time of each production line by clicking on the production line and then on the golden button.

Hint: The shorter the production time, the more items are produced per hour.

    The fan shop

To actually earn the additional income from your produced memorabilia, you need to have a fan shop building. At career level 11 you can build the level 1 fan shop and start to sell your produced items. Each higher level of the fan shop brings more shelves and storage capacity. When your storage is full, you can't produce new items.

To sell your memorabilia, click on the "FAN SHOP" tab in the merchandising, select an item that was previously produced, drag it to an available shelf, and choose the price with the slider at the right side. Instead of dragging it you can also click the "SELL" button.


The amount of sold items depends both on the demand and the price. The higher the demand, the more items can be sold, or, the higher you can set the price. On home match days there is generally a higher demand for all items (Except for “1 on1” matches).


Each item of memorabilia has a unique daily demand. It is shown by the small bar under the item graphic. The higher the bar (dark green), the higher the demand. The arrow indicates the demand tendency for the next day. If the arrow points up, the demand on the following day will be higher, and vice versa. You can also see the number of items in your storage facilities and the production price.
You should use the tendencies to decide which items to produce for the next days.


Select the balance tab in order to see your sales and profits made for each item. This helps you to figure out which item was most lucrative and which one was sold the most.

    Cash book

The cash book shows all expenses and sales completed in the previous days, data in this page is refreshed every 1-2 hours.If you select an item from the list below you can see all expenses and sales only for that item.

    Merchandising staff

We will soon add two staff members for the merchandising feature. The sales manager and the shift supervisor will be able to help you produce and sell your memorabilia more efficiently.

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