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Saving presets and Line-ups Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

It is not needed to create a new line-up from scratch for each match. You can save several presets that are automatically chosen for the set match type.

You can save a line-up with all its details each for league matches, Cup matches, Qualification matches, International Masters matches and friendly matches. You also have 2 free slots to save individual presets.

The preset for league for example is then automatically chosen for upcoming  league matches, unless you manually set an individual formation for that match. If all presets are saved and up-to-date it is not so dramatic if you forget a match once in a while. 

To save the line-up, simply select the disc icon on the right side next to the formation settings steps. Here you can select if you want to save the line-up for the upcoming match only or as one of the presets.

To load a saved preset use the blue disk button on the left side. You can select one of your presets but also a formation you used in one of your last matches. When you have selected a preset, you can see the line-up and formation on the right side. To fully load the line-up, hit the disk button again.

Important hint: Make sure you adjust your presets when you sell or buy new players, and to keep it up to date as your tactics are trained more!

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