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In the last step you set the tactics. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages and it is very important to select the best suitable one for your opponents. 

In the overview you see all available tactics, and also how well they have been trained so far. Tactics can only be used when they are trained to about 75%.

When the Tactics overlay is selected on the right, you can see the influence on the different sectors of the field. You can also choose to not play with any specific tactic.


There are different approaches about what is the right tactic to play against the different opponents. One way is to try to win the opponents' weak areas by strengthening those sectors in your own line-up. Another way is to strengthen those areas that the other team is particularly strong in. In any case it is a good idea to check on the last matches of your opposing team to see what tactics he uses and where his strengths and weaknesses are.

Hint: Don't forget to save the formation for the upcoming match, or as preset, by clicking on the red disk symbol.

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