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Your players' personalities Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Every player in goalunited PRO has a personality. You can find a player's personality in the player details. There are 12 different personality types. Most have positive as well as negative effects for the player or the whole team. 

+ Bonus for high and very high engagement
+ Penalty for low and very low engagement
-  More fouls

+ Loses less energy
+ Higher experience gain
-  Mental form goes down when missing competitive matches

+ Bonus in away matches

+ Better skill improvement in training
-  Lower regeneration of energy (10-15% lower)

+ Fewer fouls

+ 6% Bonus on split positions

+ 3% Bonus on his best position
-  20% Penalty on all other positions (including Split positions) 

+ Bonus for minimum and low engagement 
-  Penalty for high and maximum engagement
-  Not suitable as team captain

+ Great captain without regards to experience

+ Slightly increases spectator turnout and team spirit

+ Low mental form fluctuations

+ Bonus in home matches 
-  Higher chances for red cards

Hint: It is important to pay attention to your player's personalities because they should fit to your formation and engagement. They can be the deciding factor for winning or losing matches!

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