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To get a good start into goalunited PRO, you should complete a few quests first. They explain important aspects of the game while you play and you receive many valuable rewards for completed quests. All open quests can be found on the left side below the image of your mentor. 

As new manager you will soon have your first match, so it is important to set a good line-up (more about line-ups). At this point you will have at least two formations available to use. Choose one and use the button to automatically fill the formation. Then you have to assign the special jobs to a few of your players. For each match you have to choose a captain, a free kick specialist, a corner kicker and a penalty kicker. Don't forget to save the formation when you are done.

Hint: Try all different formations that you have available and fill them. At the end you can decide on the best suitable formation by looking at the strength you see above the formation screen.

Now let’s look at the training plan. Training is one of your most important tasks in goalunited PRO. Here it is decided if your players develop as well as they can which is the base requirement for a successful management career.

At the beginning of your manager career you can fill two training slots. To fill more slots per day you have to expand your training facilities, we'll get more into that later. For the start you should train one unit endurance and one skill training unit. You can set the training for the current day and for the following two days. On the left side you select the training slot you want to fill. On the right side you set the desired training. This is how your plan could look:


Hint: As premium user you can set the plan for a whole week. The plan is then repeated automatically each week.

You can see the effects of your training in the "squad" overview. Select a player and check his skills. The training progress is shown with the light blue part of the bar. More about Training you find here.

Money talks!”, in goalunited just as much as anywhere else! The more money you make, the more successful you will be. There are two basic strategies that you can follow at the start of goalunited PRO:

  • Invest in players
  • Invest in infrastructure

Both strategies will be explained below:

Investing in players

With this strategy you should first build up your club offices. At level 2 you can purchase players with a strength of up to 2.1. To strengthen your team at the start you should buy players with a strength of about 1.7-2.1. Those players are about twice as strong as the players you start with. This makes you stronger than your opponents and lets you win many matches. This means also that you should select a sponsor with a high point bonus.
Once your team strength is above 20, you should decide again: Do you want to focus on infrastructure now, or strengthen your team even more? Either way works!


  • Many match wins
  • High income with a point based sponsor


  • Weak infrastructure

Investing in Infrastructure

With this strategy the first focus is on building up your stadium, parking and public transportation as well as gastronomy. Make sure that you balance expanding the stadium with parking and transport. If you stadium can hold 15,000 fans but only 6,000 can come because parking and public transport are underdeveloped, you are wasting the remaining stadium seats, and with that lots of money.

An often undervalued income source is gastronomy. In friendly and cup matches you share the ticket revenue with your opponent, but the income from your gastronomy is all yours.

Once you reach level 25, you should also start building up the youth complex. This gives you access to good young players that push you ahead quickly!


  • Quick infrastructure development
  • Quick access to the youth


  • Less wins in the league (patience and dealing with disappointment are good traits to have here ;) )

As said before, both ways work. No matter which strategy you choose, at level 25 you should in any case start building the youth complex as quickly as possible.


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