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Setting your Line-up Copy the directLink to this answer to your clipboard

Setting the line-up for your matches is one of your mayor tasks. The right formation with the right players is what decides over the outcome of your matches.

To set the formation and line-up for upcoming matches, you can also use the top menu bar. For a match that is further in the future you can set the line-up from the "All fixtures" menu.

Make sure to set your line-ups early! You can always change and fine tune it at a later time. The line-up has to be saved a certain time before a match begins, for example, for a league match no changes can be done in the last 60 minutes before the match begins. 

    Setting your line-up

During the complete process you will see the field on the right side of the screen. It shows the positions of your players on the field and on the players on the bench. With the top left slider you can switch between displaying the players’ shirt numbers and their average strength on the field.

The total team strength of the current formation is shown on the top right corner.

Under the field you have the option to add influence overlays to your field screen. You can see what effect your selected tactics have on each sector as well as the effect of your coach.

You can also add an action card here to be used during the next match.

Setting formation and line-up for a match consists of four parts:

Hint: Setting the line-up in the order it is described here is of course not the only way to do it. You can go back and forth between the tabs and keep adjusting until you are completely happy with all of your settings.

First step: Choose your formation

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