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Every day your players will have a specific training plan that you assign for them. Your complete team takes part in the same training, but each training program focuses on a different part of the team.

When you first start out, only one of the main training slot and the evening slot of special training is available to you. To unlock more training slots, you have to expand you training buildings.
This also unlocks your Assistant Coach, who gives a bonus for your training efficiency.

Hint:The assistant coach is the most important staff member when it comes to the strength development of your players. Try to hire a good but affordable assistant coach as early as possible. 

Additionally you can play 2 training cards per day, one player training card, and one tactic training card.

You can set the training plan for the current day (As long as a training unit has not started yet), as well as for the following two days. This means that you should log in at least every other day to set your training so that your players do not miss any training days!

Premium account holders can set a training plan for the complete week. This training plan is repeated each week, unless it is manually changed. With this you will never miss a training day.

You can also save up to 4 different training presets so you can reuse them at any time. To do so, use the blue and yellow buttons on the bottom right.

Training schedule

Training for your players starts at 10 am sharp. (Depending on your time zone and league the start time might be different.) Your players begin with training tactics. 

Starting at 12 your players begin the general player training:

  • Endurance, energy or mental form
  • Skills (Tackling, passing, playmaking, scoring and keeping)

The 8 pm slot is reserved for specialty training:

  • Endurance, energy or mental form
  • Goalkeeping training
  • Talent training
  • Technical training (Trains all 5 skills equally)
  • Youth training - Your team takes a break, instead your youth team trains all five skills.

Not all training programs (and training slots) are available right from the start, they are unlocked by expanding your training building.

Training is hard work for your players. A full training unit costs a player 0.8 energy points. Card training and the 10am tactics training do not cost energy. Energy/Relaxation training regenerates your players' energy.

    Filling your training slots

To assign a training slot, simply select the slot in your list, and then select the desired training program from the list on the right.

Once you build the level 3 training building, the main training slots are split to allow for split training. The main training is trained at 80% effect, the secondary training at 20%.

Once a training slot has begun, it is not possible to add or change a training program to the slot. You can always view the training progress with the blue timer on the left side.
(As premium account user it is possible to change programs from an earlier time of the current weekday. However, that does not affect the training today. The added programs are then saved for that weekday in the following week.)

    Training cards

Every day you can play 2 training cards: one player training card, and one tactics training card. Select the training card slots on the very top to add your cards for the day.

While all other training programs have a set time to be completed, the card training is more flexible. A training card is used right away and the effect is instant. If a card is added before 10 am, the card will be used at 10 am. 

The top tab is used to add player cards. The effect is shown right away.The bottom tab allows you to play tactics cards.

    Exhaustion and efficiency

Once you have build your second level training building you will see the training efficiency meter above your training plan. It shows the efficiency of your selected training day.

If you fill all of your available slots for the day, you reach an efficiency of 100%. With upgrades you can reach a efficiency of up to 120%.

To reach full training effect you have to offer a balanced training. Training the same training program too often in a day will reduce the efficiency. Each complete training slot gives 100 training points. A split training slot gives 80 points to the main training, and 20 to the secondary training.
Players train with full efficiency for up to 160 training points per day for any skill. Any additional training above that only has an efficiency of 25%. Anything above 240 points is trained at 16,6%.
For example, training only scoring in all training slots of the day therefore leads to very inefficient training. 

One other issue with training efficiency comes from an unbalanced team. However, this issue is not taken into account in the efficiency meter. If you have more than 7 players with the same training focus, the training efficiency is lowered significantly for those players. For goalkeeper the limit is 3 players.

    Training focus

Each player has a specific training focus. For example, a defender will usually have his training focus on the defence, and with that on the tackling skill.

While all players benefit for any skill training program, they will only get the full benefit from their training focus skill training. You can change your players’ training focus at any time. To change a player’s training focus, open the squad overview and select the player from the list. Then open the TRAINING tab and select the new training focus.

Starting on the following training day, the player will train with focus on his new position. However, it takes the player a while to grow into his new role, so for the next 2 weeks, he only trains with 50% efficiency. You can play a “Training focus” card to remove the waiting period, however, the focus still only takes effect on the next training day.

The player will still be listed in your squad overview by his best position, but the player’s shirt will be slightly folded up with the training focus position showing through under it. Once the players’ best position changes due to the training change, his shirt will fully change, and he will be sorted in for his new position.


Every player has a small chance to get injured during training. The injury risk is much lower than in matches, but the injury duration is the same.

Players can not get injured during talent training, mental training, Card training or during the youth training program.

Injured players will not take part during training. Bruised players will participate, but with a lower effect.


There are different upgrades available for your training facilities. Each one gives a 10% boost for one of the skill trainings.

With all academies activated you can reach a maximum training efficiency of 120%.

You can look at all available upgrades when you open the training building in the stadium complex. Open the menu by clicking on the arrow icon below the image. Here you will see all available training upgrades. 
You also find all your upgrades in the shop. 

    Training Statistics

You can view the training progress for each player in the training statistics. For this, go to your squad overview and select a player from the list. The third and fourth pages in the status tab show you his recent skill progression as well as his general health progression, mental form, endurance, energy, and average strength.

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